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What is local move?

A local move is basically any move where the origin and destination residences are within the same metropolitan area.

How much does it cost?

Barrhaven Moving & Storage Basic transportation services for local moves (loading the truck at origin residence, transporting possessions to destination residence, and unloading at destination residence) are billed on an hourly basis. Using the services of a professional mover and doing some of the work yourself can be a successful and cost effective option. To reduce the billable hours, you may want to disassemble beds, large pieces of furniture, and take mirrors off of dressers. We are more than happy to perform these services but they do add time to your move.

As is industry standard, billable hours start when the truck leaves the warehouse and end upon an estimated arrival back to the warehouse. Lunch breaks are not included in billable hours. There is a four-hour minimum charge on Saturday

Rates are higher in the busy summer months and are generally less in the winter months. Call our office to get the rates for the date you want to move.

What does the hourly rate include?

For the vast majority of local moves, the rate is for three movers and a truck. For larger jobs it may be cost effective to pay a little extra and have more than three movers.

Barrhaven Moving & Storage The hourly rate includes all standard moving equipment (blankets, moving dollies, appliance dollies, piano skids, etc.), disassemble and reassemble of standard furniture.

The hourly rate does not include packing services (placing small articles in boxes), replacement coverage for your possessions, and GST. Replacement value coverage can be obtained at an additional flat fee of $20.

How many hours will it take?

A "rule of thumb" is one hour per furnished room in a household to load and unload. If applicable, also count basements, storage rooms, sheds, and garages.

This is a guideline. There may be factors (such as weather, traffic, elevators, and access to house), which are outside of the control of movers and which will add time to a move. You will be billed on the actual amount of billable hours

Moving Tips
  • Dispose of all flammables such as cleaning fluids, aerosol cans, fireworks and matches.
  • Drain the fuel from your power mower and other machinery.
  • Discard partly used containers of any substance that may leak.
  • Empty the water from your steam iron.
  • Be careful NOT to leave fragile items, money, jewelry, watches or other valuables in the drawers.
Moving Tips